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—-NEW!—- Read the just-released legal paper (12.20.2017) by Attorney Steven Siegel comparing the history and legal status of HDFCs against HPD’s proposal: click here

WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT??? Read the HDFC Coalition’s Position Paper (Updated 11/22/2016) by clicking here: HDFC Coalition Position Paper in PDF format.  In Spanish/En Espanol here/aqui: HDFC Ensayo de poisición_5.1_11.22.2016

HDFC Coalition meets with HPD Feb 13, Presents Alternative Proposal to HPD for HDFC cooperatives for the next 40 years

Representatives from the HDFC Coalition met with HPD officials and staff at their offices on February 13, 2018 to discuss our alternative proposal and HPD’s next steps.  Our proposal that we gave to them can be see by clicking here.  We urge you and your fellow shareholders to send out proposal to elected officials, especially City Council members, and take it to your local Community Board’s Housing Committee as well.  There is strength in numbers, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease!  Find your local City Council Member here, and your community board here.  Please also send to your NY State Senator and NY Assembly Member and tell them you support it!

Then we Tweeted our proposal all the way up to the top of HPD, to the Commissioner, just in case she didn’t see it.  If you have Twitter, you can share and like the Tweet below:

Mayor de Blasio on Brian Lehrer show: Who cares about HDFC shareholders losing equity and homeownership? Foreclosures are OK!

See the Q&A between HDFC shareholder and Mayor de Blasio by clicking here.

Big win for HDFCs: State Senator Betty Little pulls HDFC bill!!!

HDFC shareholders spoke loud and clear and told State Senator Betty Little that they vehemently opposed State Senate Bill S6543 (2017), which would have made HDFCs permanently under the control of HPD.  This is a huge victory! Thank you to everyone who called and wrote to Senator Little and other elected officials!  And, a big thank you to Senator Little for hearing our concerns and doing the right thing! Unless another State Senator -OR- State Assemblyperson decides to pick up the bill and sponsor it again, the bill is dead. To see the bill just click here.

Read just-released legal paper on HDFCs and HPD’s proposal!

Attorney Steven Siegel publishes legal paper comparing the history and legal status of HDFCs against HPD’s proposal.  The HDFC Coalition is happy to make this paper available to you. Please share this paper with your neighbors and your elected officials.  A cover letter from the HDFC Coalition with important points is attached at the front of the document.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE PAPER

HDFC Foreclosure worries? Don’t delay as free help is available now!


The HDFC Foreclosure Committee wants to help! While we are not attorneys and therefore cannot give legal advice (please see our legal disclaimer here), the Foreclosure Committee may be able to help you find legal assistance, and they also want you to know that there are still things that can be done to help right now, such as filing an application with HPD for help with your property tax arrears. The Foreclosure Committee does wish to assist your HDFC, free of charge, if you and your fellow shareholders are in danger of losing your building and therefore ownership of your home. To see an example of a letter warning of foreclosure, click here.

If you are in danger of losing your home ownership because your HDFC is facing foreclosure, please contact Glory ( from the HDFC Coalition for assistance in completing the Article XI application for possible removal, in part or in full, of your property tax arrears.

Si usted está en peligro de perder su vivienda y derechos como dueño porque su HDFC ha sido identificada por HPD como atrasada en pagos de impuestos de propiedad y alcantarillado, contactese a Glory ( de la Coalicion de HDFC  para saber como puede aplicar por protección bajo Article 11 y defender su propiedad. 

Also, click here to see video highlights from a presentation in Harlem on November 15th, 2017 on the process to apply for tax relief. This event was hosted by NY State Senator Brian Benjamin, NY State Assemblyman Al Taylor, and NYC Councilmember Bill Perkins.

NEW: HDFC Coalition asks HPD to Slow Down, and Withdraw Proposal to change State Law

Read the letter of October 18, 2017 by clicking here.  Some highlights from the letter:

● The right to self-determination for HDFC shareholders must be respected and rightfully celebrated. As the New York Times reported August 9, 1981, Mayor Ed Koch proclaimed at a City Hall ceremony to turn over deeds of Harlem buildings to the tenants: ”It means that the people, the tenants will control their own destiny.”
● HPD should not ask the City Council to revoke or amend the DAMP tax abatement that expires in 2029.
● HPD should ask that NY State Senate Bill S6543 be immediately withdrawn. This bill is an attempt to revise the corporate status of our HDFC buildings to transfer our property rights to the City of New York and would change the rules of the game to take control of our property decades after we agreed to save these buildings in exchange for real ownership.
● HPD must recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to the future of HDFCs. Some 1,200 plus HDFC cooperatives are of different size and character physically, financially and culturally. Multiple options must be developed so that each HDFC may choose the one that most suits their needs.
● HPD should immediately terminate all remaining 60/40 agreements. These agreements send 40% of the profit on sales of HDFC apartments to the City, taking those moneys away from the co-op where it could be used for capital improvements. Astonishingly, your agency will not apply this money to outstanding tax and water/sewer bills for distressed HDFCs, destabilizing not only these buildings but families and communities.
● HPD should do everything possible to prevent the foreclosure of HDFC cooperatives, and respect Mayor de Blasio’s request of March 28 that everything be done to avoid foreclosure on HDFCs. In cases where foreclosure cannot be prevented, HPD should help to re-form these buildings as new HDFC cooperatives with real shareholder equity to preserve affordable homeownership for New Yorkers, rather than give them debt-free to developers.

Click below to say NAY to HPD’s effort to have Albany give control of our buildings back to the City!

Mayor tells LES/East Village Chapter of HDFC Coalition he doesn’t know anything about HPD’s effort to drastically change NY State Private Housing Finance Law at Town Hall with Council Member Rosie Mendez

HPD has drafted proposed NY State legislation, sent to Albany by the Mayor’s office, asking that the law be changed that defines our HDFC cooperative corporations  to take our property rights away from us and hand them over to HPD.  Read the “Memorandum in Support” that was issued by the Office of the Mayor that attempts to rewrite history and justify this attack on our property rights and our right of self determination see by clicking here.  And the actual bill is herePLEASE register your objection in the comments section of NY State Senator Betty Little’s page for the bill by clicking here.

See the video at the Town Hall on October 12, 2017 below at the every end of the meeting when the Mayor finally realizes that HPD is trying to change the NY State Private Housing Finance Law. The second video is from earlier in the Town Hall, where he is asked about the State bill and gives an answer about his efforts to have a bill passed at the City Council level.

Stop HDFC Foreclosures: See letters elected officials wrote to HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer

Thanks to the efforts of the HDFC Coalition’s Foreclosure Committee, elected officials are now on notice and the following have written letters to the HPD Commissioner. See the letter here from Council Member Bill Perkins, and the letter here signed by the following politicians: City Council Members Mark Levine, Margaret Chin, Corey Johnson, Ben Kallos, Helen Rosenthal, Ydanis Rodriguez, Andrew Cohen, Ritchie Torres, Rafael Salamanca Jr., I. Daneek Miller, Karen Koslowitz, Antonio Reynoso, Rafael Espinal Jr., Carlos Menchaca, Mark Treyger, and also Public Advocate Letitia James.  Thank you to all our elected officials who are supporting HDFCs!

Three HDFC Questions to Mayor de Blasio at Town Hall on Aug 2, 2017

Below, Mayor de Blasio responds to HDFC Coalition member John McBride who says that the City should not threaten to take away our DAMP tax abatement and thereby destroy affordability if we don’t sign over control of our co-op corporations to the City:

Below, Mayor de Blasio and HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer respond to HDFC shareholder from a financially distressed co-op threatened with foreclosure:

Below, Mayor de Blasio and HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer promise to help TIL buildings that have been waiting for many years to become HDFC co-ops:

Photos from HDFC Coalition Rally at City Hall!

SEE THE PHOTOS FROM OUR AMAZING RALLY AT CITY HALL ON JUNE 21, 2017 where we were joined by NYC Council Members Mark Levine, Bill Perkins, Margaret Chin, Antonio Reynoso and Ydanis Rodriguez! Thank you Council Members! You understand, you care, you are willing to fight, and we LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!


Manhattan CB10 Vote June 7 – Resolution Below

Manhattan Community Board 10 approved this resolution on June 7th, 2017.  See the resolution: click here!   Also very helpful was this letter from Council Member Bill Perkins below and the PDF is here. Bill Perkins HDFC OPPOSITION LTR


New Letter to HPD from Council Member Helen Rosenthal

Thank you Council Member Helen Rosenthal!  See the letter below, click here for  the PDF.


Recent Meetings with Council Members Bill Perkins in Harlem & Helen Rosenthal on the Upper West Side


War Brewing over HDFCs: Habitat Magazine

New Letter to Mayor de Blasio & New Letter from HPD Commissioner

See the letter from the HDFC Coalition to Mayor de Blasio.  Click here.

See the letter from new HPD Comissioner Maria Torres-Springer to the HDFC Coalition. Click here.

Mayor de Blasio meets with HDFC Coalition!

On March 28th, the HDFC Coalition met with Mayor de Blasio, along with new HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer and HPD Deputy Commissioner for Asset and Property Management Anne-Marie Hendrickson along with senior staff members from City Hall and HPD.  We discussed HDFC cooperatives and issues, the recent proposal from HPD to ask the City Council to eliminate the DAMP tax abatement for any HDFC not signing a much more restrictive regulatory agreement that would include monitors and price caps on sale prices, and the issue of HDFCs on an expected June 2017 list of properties designated for In Rem Foreclosure.  The Mayor stated that HPD’s proposal was only a draft and not to be considered final by any means.  The Mayor agreed that the City should try to prevent foreclosures of HDFCs.  The Mayor also accepted our proposal for the HDFC Coalition to work directly with his office and the City Council to research and address HDFC issues, including any proposal to modify HDFC regulations.

Mayor de Blasio responds to HDFC shareholder at Town Hall on March 15, 2017


Skip to the the 2 hour 49 minute mark to see the question from the HDFC shareholder and answer from the Mayor.

NY Post: Follow the Money

City Limits: The Coop/Condo Tax Abatement that HDFCs don’t get!


HDFCs on Front Page of NY Post!

Manhattan Delegation of City Council Members tells HPD: “Please Stop!”

Members of the City Council’s Manhattan Delegation Margaret Chin, Rosie Mendez, Corey Johnson, Daniel Garodnick, Ben Kallos, Mark Levine & Ydanis Rodriguez just issued a letter that they sent to the new HPD Commissioner, Maria Torres-Springer. The letter is shown below.  Please contact the offices of these Council Members to say “THANK YOU” for supporting the HDFC community!  Click on images of letters below to read and the PDF is here:

 HPD’s Brooklyn HDFC Forum was held on Feb 16, 2017

The HDFC Coalition attended HPD’s Brooklyn HDFC Forum on February 16, 2017 at Public School 414.  Again, rather than working directly with real HDFC shareholders to improve HDFCs (instead of with “non-profit” groups that are looking to make money year after year from “helping” our HDFCs but really want to keep us forever dependent on them), HPD, yet again, tried to convince HDFC shareholders that they would be better off giving up their property rights, and if HDFCs don’t agree, that it would be a good idea for the City to charge HDFCs full property taxes (while market rate co-ops get their tax abatement without restrictions). Also, HPD wants to reduce the value of HDFC apartments, after we have struggled for decades to rebuilding abandoned buildings that the City was more than happy to get rid of.

Overwhelmingly, HDFC shareholders in attendance wanted nothing to do with HPD’s plans, and demanded to know why we, the HDFC shareholders who actually preserve our buildings as affordable housing, weren’t first consulted as a prerequisite for ANY contemplation of changes to the existing HDFC rules and regulations.  Photos below.


Great meeting with NYC Council Member Margaret Chin!

On February 2, 2017 the HDFC Coalition and local HDFC shareholders met with Council Member Chin to explain our decades of work and struggle to repair abandoned, dilapidated buildings and make them viable homes for our families and communities, and how we are steadfastly opposed to HPD’s recent proposal to take control of our buildings.  We are very happy to report that CM Chin and her staff understand our concerns and are working to help us preserve our viability and independence.  Can we all give a huge “THANK YOU” to Council Member Chin and her staff?

200 Concerned LES HDFC Shareholders Meet at Theater for the New City

Lisa Ramaci of the Lower East Side put together a great organizing meeting on January 17, 2017 for HDFCs in the East Village, Lower East Side & Chinatown.  Also invited were HDFC folks from around NYC who were interested in organizing their neighborhoods.  The HDFC Coalition was present as well. We reviewed what HPD’s proposal is all about for those who were new to this, then updated the group about the recent efforts to stop HPD’s plan, and then we discussed how we can organize our fellow shareholders to put even more pressure on our elected officials.

Local City Council Member Rosie Mendez also attended.  Thank you, Rosie, for caring about HDFC shareholders!

~~~~~Mayor De Blasio agrees to meet with the HDFC Coalition~~~~~
At the Town Hall Meeting held on December 15th in Manhattan, hosted by Council Member Mark Levine, HDFC Coalition steering committee asked for, and received, a commitment from the Mayor to meet with the HDFC Coalition.  This is the result of much hard work and activism on the part of HDFC shareholders City-wide.  But we can’t let up…we must keep the pressure on by keeping those letters, emails and phone calls going to all of our elected officials, including the Mayor! Click on the “What You Can Do Now” tab to see how to contact your elected officials!  See below for the video of the Mayor, with question from HDFC Coalition member Sylvia Tyler at the 22:25 minute mark, with additional questions from HDFC shareholders at 26:10 minutes in and then at the 50:00 minute mark. Great job, Sylvia!!!



Watch the HDFC Coalition on MNN’s “Represent NYC” – Full video now posted

Full 30-minute show has been posted online: Watch HDFC Coalition’s John McBride, HDFC shareholder Gayle Davis & Mark Matthews of HPD interviewed by Brian Benjamin, Chair of Manhattan Community Board 10 discuss HPD’s proposal.

HDFC Coalition meets with City Council Staff

HDFC Coalition and our attorneys met with City Council Staff on Nov. 21, 2016. Left to right: Attorney Sheila E. Small, Attorney Emma Lupu, Sylvia Tyler, Wil Buckery, Glory Ann Hussey Kerstein, Michael Palma Mir, Tina DiFeliciantonio, Attorney Edward Filemyr, John McBride.
HDFC Coalition and our attorneys met with City Council Staff on Nov. 21, 2016. Left to right: Attorney Sheila E. Small, Attorney Emma Lupu, Sylvia Tyler, Wil Buckery, Glory Ann Hussey Kerstein, Michael Palma Mir, Tina DiFeliciantonio, Attorney Edward Filemyr, John McBride.

Activism is beginning to get results! HDFC Coalition Steering Committee members along with experienced HDFC attorneys working pro-bono on behalf of the Coalition met with City Council Staff members on November 21st.  We advised the City Council to not pass tax legislation that would enable HPD’s coercive proposal and onerous Regulatory Agreement, but to instead consult with HDFC shareholders to create real solutions that would help not hurt HDFCs. Your voices are being heard! But we all need to do even more: We need you and your neighbors to keep organizing and calling your elected officials. Please remember to have all your neighbors sign up on our mailing list down below on this page (the blue section) and click here to see what you can do NOW to make your voice heard!

We are looking to set up another general meeting for HDFC shareholders in the near future where we can report on our progress, and the break off into groups by City Council district so you can meet fellow shareholders in your area and focus your efforts on your local elected officials!  It will be informative, fun, and empowering to organize with people in your area!

Read the HDFC Coalition’s Position Paper (Updated new version 11/22/2016) by clicking here: HDFC Coalition Position Paper in PDF format.  In Spanish/En Espanol here/aqui: HDFC Ensayo de poisición_5.1_11.22.2016


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