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WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT??? Read the HDFC Coalition’s Position Paper (Updated new version 11/22/2016) by clicking here: HDFC Coalition Position Paper in PDF format.  In Spanish/En Espanol here/aqui: HDFC Ensayo de poisición_5.1_11.22.2016
MAYOR DE BLASIO AGREES TO MEET WITH THE HDFC COALITION  At the Town Hall Meeting held on December 15th in Manhattan, hosted by Council Member Mark Levine, HDFC Coalition steering committee asked for, and received, a commitment from the Mayor to meet with the HDFC Coalition.  This is the result of much hard work and activism on the part of HDFC shareholders City-wide.  But we can’t let up…we must keep the pressure on by keeping those letters, emails and phone calls going to all of our elected officials, including the Mayor! Click on the “What You Can Do Now” tab to see how to contact your elected officials! See below for the video of the Mayor, with question from HDFC Coalition member Sylvia Tyler at the 22:25 minute mark, with additional questions from HDFC shareholders at 26:10 minutes in and then at the 50:00 minute mark. Great job, Sylvia!!!

Watch the HDFC Coalition on Manhattan Neighborhood Network  Full 30-minute show has been posted online: Watch HDFC Coalition’s John McBride, HDFC shareholder Gayle Davis & Mark Matthews of HPD interviewed by Brian Benjamin, Chair of Manhattan Community Board 10 discuss HPD’s proposal.

HDFC shareholders on the Lower East Side loudly and strongly opposed HPD’s plans!

See the video from our Facebook page below. Following a slow start, fiery speeches by Council Member Rosie Mendez & former Council Member Margarita Lopez, & HDFC shareholders at Cooper Union w/ HPD at Manhattan Community Board 3!!! It heats up!!!!


HDFC Shareholders from all parts of NYC turned out to get informed and organize against HPD’s misguided plan that would hurt not help HDFCs! Standing room only!  The HDFC Coalition was assisted by experienced HDFC attorneys serving on the legal panel: Edward Filemyr, Emma Lupu & Sheila Small!

NEW: Latest DRAFT version 5B of a new proposed Regulatory Agreement from HPD by clicking here: Draft 5B showing changes from version 5A in red.

NEW: Read the HDFC Coalition’s Position Paper (Updated new version 11/22/2016) on these proposed changes by clicking here: HDFC Coalition Position Paper  In Spanish/En Espanol here/aqui: HDFC Ensayo de poisición_5.1_11.22.2016

NEW: Read a legal analysis of HPD’s draft Regulatory Agreement version 5A, done for an HDFC in upper Manhattan by clicking  here: Legal analysis of Regulatory Agreement

HPD provided the HDFC Coalition with this DRAFT Copy of a new proposed Regulatory Agreement. Click the link below for a PDF that includes proposed resale prices:

HDFC Coop Regulatory Agreement 5A – Standard

Remember that HPD may still be revising this document at the link above, so it could change.  Also, it is very important to note that HPD needs support from the City Council in order to make this compulsory.  We expect HPD to ask the City Council to require that HDFCs sign any Regulatory Agreement that HPD comes up with (such as newer versions of a Regulatory Agreement not yet available, or yet to be created by HPD) in order for our HDFC coops to receive reduced real estate taxes.  That is, if the City Council does not hear our voices loud and clear and actually passes a resolution in 2016 that makes possible what HPD’s envisions, we expect that such a City Council resolution would not have the actual Regulatory Agreement attached as that would lock in HPD for decades to one single document, and HPD would be expected to want maximum flexibility to author new versions of a Regulatory Agreement required for HDFCs that want to continue to enjoy reduced real estate taxes to keep their coop maintenance affordable for their income-restricted residents.

HDFC Coalition Informational Flyers and Bulletins for your building! Many have asked for us to put these timely documents online, so here they are!  Take a look for yourself, and hand out to your fellow shareholders! HDFC Coalition Bulletin & Flyers

HPD’s Anne-Marie Hendrickson & staff present at CB10: Thanks to Manhattan Community Board 10 Housing Committee for hosting on September 13, 2016!  Watch video below:

Lively Discussion: HDFC Shareholders give feedback directly to HPD’s Anne-Marie Hendrickson & staff on August 9, 2016. Thanks to Manhattan Community Board 9 Land Use/Housing Committee for hosting! Watch video below:


July 2016 Manhattan Borough Board Meeting w/ Deputy Commissioner Anne-Marie Hendrickson of HPD presenting – Meeting starts at the 14:00 minute mark. Great Q&A session starts with Council Member Mark D. Levine at 31:00, and also includes Tina DiFeliciantonio of CB4, April Tyler of CB9, Council Member Rosie Mendez, Brian Benjamin of CB10. HDFC portion ends at 1:28:00. The slides from the presentation are here: HPD Power Point July 2016 Manhattan Borough Board Meeting Watch video below: